Summer is definitely over

t’s fair to say the mood here today is sombre. Summer is definitely done for another year and the cold autumn weather is starting to sneak in. Added to that I have a cold which is driving me mad. And yes – it’s the 3rd of September.

Summer this year has definitely been a disappointment. Every year since we spent money on a nice patio set up we seem to have spent less and less time outside relaxing in the sun.  

This year, I think we had the parasol up on the patio for a grand total of about 3 days.  Now that’s what I call a depressing summer!

So, with winter well on it’s way I suppose the question is, what to do now?

For me, it will be a combination of a couple of things

Wrapping up warm

Weirdly, for someone that loves summer, and laments it’s passing every year I love going out for winter walks.  There’s something very satisfying about wrapping up warm, pulling on the wellington boots and going for a walk around the nature reserve.  

We are blessed where we are to have a good selection of local nature reserves.  Last week we spent 3 or 4 hours exploring the reserve at Easington Ponds which is focussed around the trackbed of the former Hull to Barnsley railway line.  Dane’s Dyke up on the coast is another favourite.  We have yet to do that one in winter when the dyke is full of water so that will be on our must explore list.

Re-engaging with indoor hobbies.

Those that know me, also know that I have a liking for various art and craft related activities.  Probably the most prominent is scale modelling, with a number of N Gauge model railway layouts having been built over the years.  

There is something quite satisfying about seeing a project comes to fruition, from initial concept, to first layout.  As it evolves over time it is good to follow progress and see the evolution.

However, first of all I need to get rid of this cold.  So for me I am going to log off for now, go back to bed, and go back to feeling sorry for myself.

Back soon – hopefully feeling much fresher and better.

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